lonely island (very first animation)

I made my very first animation. This is only a very little part of a school-project, but I can’t upload the whole video…just the first few seconds. I made everything on my own and (of course) in blender.

btw. the music becomes a lot better later on in the video(with drums and everything ;))

please tell me what you think.

First I want your opinion, before I make the video watchable vor everyone, so
the password for the video is: blender


tell me what you think


This is nice. I just see a few problems with ball animation (sorry, I miss vocabulary, but I will try to be as clear as possible :slight_smile: ) :

  • The ball should go deeper in the water, when the bird is on.
  • When the bird lands, the ball is too stable. In my opinion, it should have a kind of spring movement (same as when the bird takes off).
  • The bird arrives from the right side, so when it lands, the ball should move, and slowly drift to the left. When it takes off, stop the drift, or make it roll and slightly drift on the opposite direction.
  • As soon as the bird is on the ball, it finds the “perfect balance”. This doesn’t look natural.
  • When the bird takes off, the “Spring movement” of the ball should be slower.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I would second what MadSquirrel has said but with a twist. Either the sea needs to be more active (currently it seems to be in slow motion) or the coconut needs to be slower in its response to the weight/impact of the bird. The same IRL physics applies to both the wave motion and the motion of the coconut.

Minor detail, there should be a spreading ripple around the coconut both after landing and after takeoff.

The sea seems to be tilted. That may be reasonable in terms of the larger scene, but it doesn’t work for this small excerpt.

The foreground bird is not highly detailed but its motions are very good.

I hope this helps.

Good things that don’t need changing:
The music is just right, in my opinion. It is cheerful and at the same time not overly so.
The birds circling in the background; I really like the fact that they form no obvious patterns. (Minor quibble: They aren’t beating their wings properly with respect to their position in their flight paths.)