Lonely Island

Hi. I have made a small house on a small island. It could be a little lonely on the island but after a stressful day perhaps it would be nice :smile:
Blender is a nice tool to use. Thanks to all who share their tips and trix it’s easy to learn.


nice work !!!
maybe i should buy a house like that in the future !!! :slight_smile:

Lol @alf0 good work @Edusign

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hey, the texture scale doesn’t match the scale of the house - it looks like a stone in the water with a tiny tiny house on top … so I would work on that.

Also try to use the rule of thirds, just google it. You should frame the house on the right third of the image size.

Some more assets would also be nice, like a boat and a dock…maybe some birds. Would like to see your progress.

The overall image look nice!
If I lived there I would put at least one tree :wink:
Also it would be fun to have the simple pebble-shaped island, it will make the house even smaller.

Good work, it has this kind of scandinavian feel to it.