Lonely Ladybug

While learning some basic nature modeling and how to use the particle system, I’ve created this piece.

Hope you like it.

Always appreciative of people trying to tackle nature. It’s hard. But you’ve done a really good job.
For future reference, add a few types of grass to enhance the realism. Grass almost never grows as a single species (unless it’s one of those perfectly manicured gardens).

It’s a perfectly manicured garden:eyebrowlift:. But joking aside, adding a few types of grass is a good idea. I totally forgot about it. On the other side, as i started this scene, I liked the background they way it was so much that I forgot about creating a scene as realistic as possible.

Anyway, thank for your comment.

Hello, I like your render. A small bit of criticism would be about the composition itself and not the quality of it. If I am to go by your title “Lonely Ladybug”, then the focus of your render should be the ladybug and not the garden. The opposite is happening in this render. The ladybug is given too little screen space, and the focus isn’t put on it at all. When you make a render, you should center it around whatever it is you deem most important. I am no expert, but I hope this comment was helpful to you. p.s: I watched a video that talked about this not too long ago and I found it very interesting, that’s why I remembered it when I saw your render.

Thank you for your comment. You are totally right. Seems I lost focus of the ladybug, since I had so much fun with the grass.