Lonely-> Ship/WIP

(ScottishPig) #1

http://www.geocities.com/dapigg2000/1.htm OR:

23 stinking previews, 50 minutes to render- Environment map, spotlights, mblur, the works. Comments before I resume work???

Sorry for the geocities link. The server is down as we speak. It will be back up later. (When it is, take a look at the new interface) :slight_smile:

(Friday13) #2

Whoa, this looks great!! :o

(marxniffen) #3

/me gapes

(meb1617) #4

One word SWEEEEET!


(Zweistein) #5


(Cujo31) #6

Rock on Scottish! Your work gets better and better everytime I see it! And your boats are starting to look really outstanding!!! Good job bro!


(Happydud) #7

:o Not bad… not bad at all. I give it a
Really Great

(S68) #8


Good materials, good sea, good scene:

now, critiques :slight_smile:

1 - Sails are too rigid, expecially the one on the deck

2 - The motion blurred things on right are falling objects? Ropes?

3 - Ropes are too rigid and straight

4 - there are flocks in pieces on the left, isn’t it? Well how the lower pieces stands in air???

5 - red flag should go in the opposite direction


(hannibar) #9

Wow! This must be your best work ever! Outstanding quality. I really like the texturing on the ship.
One thing that bothers me a little are the falling stuff. The Mblur is to much imo.

(S_W) #10

Wow! Awesome picture! Very realistic lightning bye the way! :wink:

(ScottishPig) #11

Thanks for the comments, one and a’.

(bg3D) #12

I dunno what it needs…but, its awesome! woo!

(rixtr66) #13

wow!thats the best one yet nice work!the rigging and details are really good,are you gonna animate it?

nice work
rixtr :o

(ScottishPig) #14

Rixtr: No! With the bloody horrid rendertimes?! I’ll submit it to IRTC as a still and leave it at that.

Afterward? I doubt it. I’m just plain lazy and have too many other tasks

(BgDM) #15

Hey SP!! Already told you it looked awesome on BlendeChat. Looks even better now.

I agree that the mblur is a little much, and yep, the flag needs to be going the other way if the ship is falling over to the side that it is. Also, you need a nice sky background in there. Too plain right now.

Just my 2 cents.