this quick 10 minute project was inspired by a render i saw a year ago. i cant remember where i saw it or even if it was made with blender so i cannot give credit to the creator of the idea of partially illuminated balls. but i’m sure it’s fine because IIRC the only thing they have in common are the illumination on spheres…so otherwise completely different scenes.

oh yea and this is my first time using the defocus node on an actual project

so how can i make it better?

i was told that the spheres didn’t look like spheres because it was too dark so i made things a little brighter

which do you guys prefer?

I like the concept of lighted balls. The top image looks best to me lightness-wise. The bottom one looks a tad washed out. However, I think the composition would look more dramatic if the yellow ball was in the foreground and the green ones where in the background. Since its the focus point, it ought to occupy more space in the picture.
-just my 2 cents

ah that never crossed my mind!

well, while you were making a brilliant comment, i was making another scene with a gillion more marbles thinking it would fix my problem

but i’ll definitely go on to making a fourth version. thnx

eh ?

looks much better! I might put a few green balls closer to the yellow, but it depends how isolated you want the yellow ball to be. BTW, what renderer are you using?

Since you don’t have much to work with in terms of objects in the picture… I’d say your choice of composition will defiine the success of this image. So make sure you put thought into that.

I totally agree :slight_smile: Although I would make this more of a wide-screen size image (or ratio thingy 1280x720 or wtv you want) so that you can align more of the “crowd balls” in the image making the center one seem even more left out. Just a thought.

yafray with GI quality low or medium…depending on my mood:) when i feel it’s finished, i will render a final pic with all settings as high as possible.

will do! thnx

yes i will…or try my best at least

Amazing Stuff - I wish I could come across the inspiration idea you had to make this!

no me :slight_smile:


Getting better and better:)

uploaded to Freewebs for full resolution

Awesome but the jpg compression kills it. I can see where the compression did the dmg very clearly. the only way out is a tiff or bmp image, or png whichever, an uncompressed format. Still its a nice image in full size.

i did a 100 quality render but it pretty much looks the same. i’ve learned my lesson about making all original images the highest quality possible:rolleyes:

the yafray took 25 mins so i’ll have to do another render tomorrow

bloom update
i should probably step it now a notch with the bloom but the more i look at it, the more it seems ok.

my friend said he’d want one as a background so i’ll just post it here too. my next render will be a full 1920x1200. for all 16:10 monitors i’ll just scale it down. for all 16:9 monitors will basically be a better quality version of the above render. and it will work for 1600x1200, 1280x1024, etc.
for those of you with 1080i/p, you’re in luck. it only wont work for those of you with 2048x1536 or 2560x1440. sorry:)

and yes, i will remember to make it a 100% quality image

It’s looking nice.

The bloom seems to be a little too strong in my opinion, though. Also a little ambient lighting wouldn’t be bad I think. Try it out, experiment a bit.

Keep it up! :slight_smile:

here’s the image i let render during school
i thought it would take about 30 minutes but it took a whopping…18 minutes. and that’s not even on four cores-it was set to three cores because i like to play counter strike during my renders:)

mhpe- ok ill try that for tomorrows render

This looks good. I definatley like the more recent version then the first one; The ball close to the camera instead of far away.

Nice render, but I would bloom everything EXCEPT loner dude.

what node do i use for mask?