hi all, this is the end result of over a year of work from character design to story boards to production, it has gone through many iterations and this is the final result,

special thanks to everyone who helped in its design and production

i hope you enjoy it as much as i did making it :slight_smile:

so here it is “loner”

if you wish to ask me for anything or want to put it somewhere, please email me at

[email protected]

of course C&S are welcome

Looks good!
Though, I saw quite a lot of stretched textures.

man, that bird looks awesome!

it could use a little bit better lighting, more dramatic, more shadows…
also for actions i think add some snappiness into it… even when it’s slow paced with sound and camera, characters could still move little bit faster with more gestures…
as it is now, it’s a bit typical underwatery scene… everything just flows…


It adds to the melancholic feeling of the movie though.

Amazing! the music… the camera, the lighting… the mood! O_O i was nearly in tears

very very nice work mfoxdogg

It reminds me of the mini 3d cartoons they used to have on YTV a decade or more ago, it also reminds me of Edward Scissor hands. nice work.

downloading now :eek:

lol, i recognized Jorma : )

good job, the music fit the animation seamlessly. I think if you worked on the backgrounds a bit more, the overall experience would have been better. The “loner” was really well done, and well skinned and animated.

I dont think it’d take much work to put this animation into a whole different level of quality. It would require changing the walls from their flat sad condition, w/ bump maps. You’d have to fix all the stretched textures, probably reduce the specularity of the tubing.
the environment was the only thing i found lacking, the “loner” was very well done! hope that helped, i enjoyed your animation : )

when i downloaded it i only got the music…?

You probably do not have the right video codec for it.

Good work. it syncs well with the mood of the soundtrack.
I was kinda expecting to see the creature (dog?) at the end wag his tail, but maybe when
this is continued?