long animation - how to change the whole thing from 1 place

Hello. i have a character that i will animate, and just to make the question simple to answer, ill take walking as an exsample.

now i have 4 poses that i can loop to make a walking animation, but when im happy i would like to copy paste it a few times to make it walk forward on a surface. is there any way i can instead of just simply copy paste the key frames, to link the frames together… so that if i change something in lets say i change something in pose 1, that will make the same change to pose 5 9 13 17 etc, and if i change pose 2, that will also do the same change to pose 6 10 14 18 etc.

also i saw a video where they used a slide to move a frame between a set location, i think its called IK slide or something. i have looking it up but i cant find where. i will set up a rig for the face, and i want sliders to animate it to make it more simple.

thank you all for replys!

For your first question, you need to look up the NLA editor. This lets you create loopable strips of repeated animation, which can be blended with other animations (e.g. moving the whole rig forward at the end of each walk cycle).

Rigging is a big area and you need to do lots of reading and tutorial watching to start getting a handle on IK, FK, shape keys, rigify etc. A book/ebook I like, which you can get from Packt for a few dollars is the “Blender animation cookbook”. It’s a good overview of the possibilities of rigging and how it relates to animaion. But there are lots of free things out there too of course.

Good luck!