Long blonde particle hair

I have finaly figured out why particle hair from my model whas looked like it’s detached from scalp. So here is the result. I still must play a litle wit hair material but for my needs this is great even now :slight_smile: I like it :slight_smile:



She needs a shirt…

Awesome hair though! Now you need to play with the color and shaders, so it is “blonde”, and not cartoon yellow. If that’s your goal.

0_o :o

WOW. That’s cool. How many curve guides did you use?

Looks nice. The main thing would just be to work with the materials. And you might change the start and end sizes down a bit.
Any chance you could explain your setup for the curves? I’ve been doing my best to do similar things with particles but I can’t get them tight enough to make a pony tail or anything.

There is 15 hair gudes for each side of the head. I’ve maded a short flash to show you how those guides are placed.

322 KB flash, right click on this image and “save link as”:

Basicaly I have created 2 emiters. One for main hair and one for those free parts of hair. Emiters and related guides are placed on 2 separate layers.
I don’t use a whole scalp for hairs because this way I get a high density of hairs even with rather low particle amount. And that makes rendering prety fast.


Very nice. As and asside is there any way of turning somthing like that hair into and actual mesh?