Long Forgotten Castle

Hey Guys,

Decided to try to replicate a photo I saw recently of an old castle. I think I’m in love with the ivy generator:) Fairly complex scene approx. 5 million faces with some vegitation dupliverts by way of particle systems. Let me know what you think.

Thanks and happy blending:)

High Res Version

I love it, the vegetation is nicely detailed and well placed, the ground texture matches to something one would expect to see with such vegetation around. The only thing is the halo coming in from the window seems to indicate that the light is shining downward from that window, but there’s no light reflected on the ground or surrounding vegetation from said window. Could just be the angle though.

Good eye atr1337 I noticed that too after I posted it. Not sure whats going on there but I’d like to take a look and re-render it but the render time is a beast at full quality and I’ve got a few other projects underway. I wanted to focus on the vegitiation and realism…a little more variation in types of plants might make it even better.

Thanks again for the great response and comments:)

vey nice, i like the quality of the textures a lot! and the plants are also well made on the walls :slight_smile: one criticism would be that the plants on the floor seem a bit flat and painted-on in some places, and of course theres the light :stuck_out_tongue: other than that, awesome job!

Well it’s certainly a pleasing bit of eye candy so if you can’t find the time to re-render it I wouldn’t worry about it. If you do decide to give it another go I have a thought as to why that spot lamp is not reflecting on the ground.

I see that the halo fades out so perhaps the lamp’s falloff is causing the energy to fade out before it reaches the ground. That falloff is necessary to fade out the halo though so you could consider adding a second spot lamp with the same location/rotation as the one that is already present. The original spot lamp would remain as is settings wise, but the new lamp would have the falloff or distance edited so that it does not lose it’s energy before it reaches the ground. Then possibly move the ground and new spot lamp to their own layer and set the new spot lamp to ‘this layer only’ so the new spot lamp only casts illumination on the ground and does not cast any extra illumination on the window.

Just a thought.

Edit: Oh and I could see some extra vegetation being useful, but in my opinion try not to over do it with the variation in plant types. I think it looks really good right now and too much variation might just clutter the scene up and bombard the eye with extra noise.

Edit: Heh, forgot that there are two ‘This layer only’ options. Check the first one under lamp, but not the second one under shadow.

very well done pic and the ivy generator def helped out with this!

Just a tip but I notices this helps a lot with vegetation is lower the specularity and Have some Translucency Other that That this is a wonderful blend Happy blending!

Thanks guys!

@dfwlucas - I see what you saying about the spec:) however I do have the translucency all the way up. I’ve noticed you dont get much affect if the vegitation isnt blocking the light source directly from the camera. For example like Andrew Price’s tut on the tall grass scene he did. It had a large area lamp behind the grass and the camera on the dark side looking back at it. You really get the trans effect then:)

Again thanks for the great comments, and happy blending!