Long Live the King!

Sculpted, textured and rendered in Blender. :heart: Postprocessing in Photoshop.
Project Source Files available ArtStation, Blender Market, FlippedNormals, Gumroad

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Project Source Files available ArtStation, Blender Market, FlippedNormals, Gumroad


Just so you know, this is treason! Enjoy the tower! :joy:

Wonderfully creepy work, as always! :smiley:


:grimacing: :rofl:

Hey Mag, thanks for your comment. :wink:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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What he’s probably envisioned as actually looking by many I’d think.

Man, your stuff is terrifying. I love it.

Those hands look like they want to squeeze the life out of the mere peasantry.

Awesome job.

Excellent work as usual, Harti! :smiley:

You know, you should one day just go all out, and make something overly saccharin and happy, like a deer grazing in a field underneath a rainbow while bluebirds sing in the boughs of the trees above. It’d really freak everyone out.


Sounds terrifying to me. :smile:

@AngelEyes @cyberfyber @Al_Pilote @Renzatic

Thanks a ton for your comments and the love! :handshake:

@bartv I’m very grateful, thanks Bart. Wish you a great weekend too. :wink:


Lèse-majesté…I say!

[Lovely decrepitude, as per usual :+1: ]

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Fantastic work!

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Outstanding work as always!

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Amazing work, @Harti ! Also, it was cool seeing you getting some use of my Orb matcap around 6:33:53. :partying_face:


Oh my… I’m gonna to have nightmares this night, this is amazingly creepy! Well done.

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From the back of the dark basement another painting could be gleaned. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dim cellar light. Gradually I could discerrn a form there. A face ! There was a familiarity but … A moment of sudden clarity. Is this truely the current monarch of my troubled and confused country ? I looked closer and ran my fingers over the surface. Oh my God ! This was not a painting. It was a photograph. It was real. The unearthly old one had really been there. Pickman had captured what was really there. I ran from that dim basement gasping for air.

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You catched it, wow! Thanks for the love good Sir! :wink:

@sacboi @C.GoArt @Miche-Miche @EnV Thanks for the love and comments. Flattering. :blush:

@Toka That was a great read, thanks for the entertainment! Highly appreciated. :pray:

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Absolutely stunning work. Never mind sculpting everything, making an eight and half hour video is completely mind-blowing.


Thanks good Sir!
New character illustration incoming next week (i guess). :wink:

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Really amazing artwork as always.

I love the atmosphere and details are simply amazing (just look at those fingers and the nipple below).

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