Long project, long but not challenging really

Does anybody have an idea what is should model, something that takes a long time, but isn’t incredibly hard.
like so i could work on it in the evenings for months or something like that.
if you have any ideas i’m open.
try to think of more manmade stuff like architecture, and stuff.

how bout your favorite car or bike(i mean a motorized one)?

A chair. I mean, an actual chair, fancy with cushions and woodwork/scrollwork.

Or a garage, if you have one so you have a real thing, to accurately model. complete with the trim, soffits, gutters, dormers, etc.

good ideas, keep them coming!

Your neighborhood. Fairly low poly, but include everything: lamp posts, fire plugs, curbs, potholes, fences and so on, as well as the buildings.

haha, in Jerusalem, i’d be working on it for years!
plus we live on the side of a valley with olive trees, but everbody uses it as a junkyard, arrghh, annoying people.
thanks for the idea though.

…A camera?

hmm… more architecure stuff, what building should i model.


how bout all the different jerusalem gates? :confused:

How about Neuschwanstein castle?

your desk, complete with all the junk and features!

a simple short animation

keep em’ coming!

A cool model of sumfink!

A ship from battlestar galactica!

or jessica alba. =]

Yep a boat or ship or dinghy . . .