Long Project Video Editor?

Until now my video projects don’t amount to much, but there’s a chance I’ll be involved in a somewhat bigger one soon (Blender wouldn’t be involved necessarily). I searched the forums and found a lot of similar questions answered, but not the very same one, so here goes:

What OSS/freeware video editor would you say is good for a long (~ 1 hr) video project?

Hi, remember if you are doing a hour long movie, you would seperate it into scenes, rendering say 10 min at a time. If you look at any dvd there is rarely 1 large file, normaly several scenes that join together or can be accessed from a menu. You are looking at about 15gig of raw avi. Thats a lot for any vid edit to handle in one go.
As for oss, try out a few and see which suits your workflow and works best with your system.
To produce or have produced for you a hour long video can be time consuming and with the wrong software, heartbreaking too.
I would find out locally what a pro video maker would charge for the same thing. Then unless you are doing this as a freebee, ask your client for an advance and buy Sony Vegas. Sorry, not oss, but it is stable, professional software that will nearly cover all your needs in video editing. Sony didn’t fork out $$$$ to buy out the sonic foundry suite for nothing.

The only one for free (not OSS) that I know might be able to handle the longer clips would be Avid Free DV. I say might because I don’t know from experience personally, but think it should be able to handle anything you throw at it. Its likely that the linux options would be good choices too - again, only guessing.

Cinelerra should do it. Did some work with it (not on my machines though). Depending on version/compilation, it may be crashy (or not crashy).

Dang. Gotta get me a dual boot… (no Cinelarra for my windows machine).