Long render times

I am rendering my 1st Blender project. I had been rendering along the way and in EVEE it took 2 seconds a frame, 300 frames. Now as I think I’m in the final stage, renders take 90 seconds. Its killing my laptop. I have to quit and let it cool down. WHAT DID I DO. No motion blur, particles, ambient occlusion, hair, viewport denoise etc. Its really just cubes. I modeled my living room, so there is a floor, walls, a bookcase. Not any thing million a billion polys. I can’t figure out what I did.

Any ideas.

just found a youtube tutorial. I set Render samples from 64 to 2 and renders went from 90 seconds to 3. Problem solved.

But even with 64 frames and what you described it is way too long. Could you please share a *.blend file and tell us more about your laptop (GPU, CPU, RAM)