Long Slow Road

Hello all. I’ve started a very challenging project (photorealistic person - just the head at this stage) but I expect to take a very long time, as I’m fairly new to Blender and 3D generally. I hope to finish within a year. I’ll post significant milestones here, and in the meantime I’m keeping a more personal record in a blog, which is aimed at a more general audience of artists and photographers from a couple of groups (not 3D) that I belong to. Feel free to drop in from time to time.


This is the model I’m using for reference. I did a shoot with her yesterday. Hope the pics are good enough to use for textures.


And this is as far as I’ve got today. I’ll be busy with work for a while though, so probably won’t get any further for a while.

The nose looks a bit pointed to me but it is all good all the same

I’ve nearly finished the head modelling (first round). I expect to go through the process a few times to get it just right.


The picture’s kinda small. Maybe you could blow it up for the rest of us who don’t know what we’re looking at. :slight_smile:

First round of modelling done. I’ll paint the texture next, and then start all over again!!


First attempt at texture painting. Just a front and a side projection. I’ve decided to take a bit of time off this to study my Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist (Peck), and to model a couple of other heads before redoing the mesh and moving on to more detailed texture painting. So, might be a couple of weeks before further progress.


Reworked my mesh, spent a bit more time on the texture painting. This one is starting to look a bit more realistic. I’ve used Tony Mullens eye recipe (from Introducing Character Animation…), but I’ll rework those for a more realistic effect. Putting a texture on the mesh makes it easier to see where the mesh needs a bit of tweaking. The area between the brows being one obvious spot.

OK, slightly healthier comlexion than the last one, and looks a bit happier too. Still plenty of work to do, but I’m happy to have reached this stage and had better spend some time on real work.

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This pic links to my latest update. Currently working on hair.

While I’m thinking about what hardware to upgrade to deal with hair, I’ve given my model a very short hairstyle. About to start working on eyelashes, maybe eyebrows, and then some new eyes I guess. The pic in the post above is actually a current update.

That’s starting to look really good.

How many hair particles are you using? My core 2 duo 1.83 GHz with 2 gigs of ram did ok with 1000 strands, 100 children and cloth modifier on a makehuman model I was playing around with a while back.

I also found that having children turned on in the particle edit mode made things slow to a crawl.

Well, by ok I mean didn’t crash…the render times got way too long for my patience when I tried to add a softbody simulation to the hair.

I’m using 1000 particles for starters. I’m finding that I need to adjust the number of children according to my output resolution. 100 children is fine for a 512x512 render, but when I tried 2K x 2K it looked way too sparse. Stands to reason I guess. So I tried 500 children, but I guess for 16 times the area I should have used a lot more than that. My final aim is to render quite large still images, maybe 4k x 4k or bigger, and for hair this really creates an issue. I can see myself upgrading to a corei7 system with heaps of RAM.

Look at the tonal “value” in the eyes of your reference pic and look at the purity of the whites in your model.

Yours are way to stark and light and scream cg! in a greyscale image the tonal value of the eyes is similar to the rest of the skin.

the corners of the mouth are a classic “common fault” in that they “pinch” rather than turn inside the volume of the head…

Sorry if the crits seem harsh, but you have a good start that can still be improved in a big way.

No worries Mike, appreciate the crits. The eyes are definitely my next target. I wasn’t aware of the problem with the mouth, and will definitely address it, probably in my next iteration. I like to do all of a project at a basic level, and then continually redo the whole thing, refining with each iteration.