Long sprinkles not sticking to donut

Hi, I am currently following the donut tutorial. However, when I follow the tutorial, (currently at the long sprinkles part) the long sprinkles are not sticking to the donut. Examples


How do I solve this issue?

thanks for reading

Where did you Place the Origin of your Sprinkles when you made them?

If it is off of the object then you can get that offset as their point of location to place them, which is at the origin point…


I see… Thanks for replying!
I tried setting the origin point to “origin to geometry”, and now it is slightly better. However, the sprinkles are rotating in weird directions, is this still an origin point issue or is it a different issue?

Did you watch the set-up for the Sprinkles in Video 7 for Long Sprinkles?

Go from 13:00 to the end and watch again…

Note: When he adds the Rotation Euler, you won’t find it. Use the Rotate Rotation instead…

Just the needed basic parts ( NOT all used in VIDEO)!

( The weight Paint Video controls where and how many the Sprinkles go)

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