Long Term Opportunity for Modellers, Sculptors, Animators, and other positions

Hello Everyone,

www.chrisallardfilms.com is the link to my website, and I am getting into 3D artwork for my films. My company is a legal and licensed business operating out of British Columbia, Canada. I have a small team of filmmakers that works mainly in wedding and commercial films, however we do passion projects as well.

I do about 30 wedding films a year, and will start to incorporate 3D work into my wedding films (most likely 1-2 minute clips with only 2 characters).
I also do commercial work for car companies, and other small brands (such as coffee shops, machine companies, small clothing lines, etc), and would love to incorporate 3D work into those projects. During the Covid Crisis my Commercial and Wedding projects have temporarily declined allowing me to focus in the meantime on more of my team and I’s passion projects.

I want to eventually expand my company to include a permanent small 3D design team, however to start, I would like to find temporary artists who would be paid on a per project, or per model basis.

I am looking both for experienced and unexperienced artists, who are skilled in modelling, rigging, compositing and animating. I would hope that if the team becomes permanent an environment of growth and education could be maintained in the team created.

The first project in question will be ongoing, with no definite deadline, and will consist of a series of animated shorts. My goal is for it to resemble a Pixar style of design, with the first short containing 5 main characters and a number of background characters utilizing 3-4 different sets (one of which is a house, and another is outside of the house).

Over time if the series comes to fruition, less and less set / modelling design will be needed, and the focus will be more on animation, as characters and sets can be reused. However by this time I am hoping that my weddings and commercial work pick back up (I am already contracting clients again over the last few days for later in the year), increasing the need for modelling and other diversified work.

As of now budget is around $2000.00 CAD for the first project. This may change as I am looking to find more funding, and increase the budget. The budget is for this specific project, however, for any commercial projects and wedding projects the pay will be based entirely on agreed rate of pay, whether hourly or commissioned. Like I said earlier, I would love to build a long term team to work with though.

I don’t want to exclude anyone out of the opportunity, so I am eager for anyone to reach out for an opportunity to work. So this would be my criteria.

  • Any experience level, whether beginner or longtime professional.
  • Modellers (Sculpting or otherwise)
  • Riggers
  • Animators
  • Compositors
  • Gaffers (not sure what the terminology for this is in the 3D world).
  • Optional*** I would prefer if the team was local to Canada, more specifically; British Columbia, that way I could one day open a physical studio for the team. This would also make payment much more straightforward to begin with. Don’t let this discourage anyone outside of Canada from applying.

Please email me at [email protected] with your

  • Name
  • Country (If in Canada, Province and City)
  • Position of Interest
  • Level of Experience
  • Expected Rate of Pay
  • Availability
  • A link to your portfolio and proof of the work you’ve done. As well as a resumé if you have one. If you don’t yet have a portfolio, explain what position you’d like to work in and why.

Thank you to anyone is interested. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Hello message sent! thanks in advance, Best Regards Chris.


I have sent my details via email.


hello i’m modeler and sculpter

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