Long time no Blender...

(Zycho) #1

Hey folks,

long time no see, I’ve been quite busy with non Blender related stuff lately… But I promised I’d return and so here I am :slight_smile:

Anyway, I spent some twelve hours with a friend of mine trying out our compositing skills: not very fancy 3D but comp’ing the 3D into the live video works like a charm! The text in the clip is dutch, but I bet you’ll get the point :wink:


Let me know what you think!


(S68) #2

Nice video :slight_smile:

Which of the two guys there is you?


(Zycho) #3

Thx :slight_smile:

I’m the redhead…


(basse) #4

which divx version this is?? mplayer won’t show it…:frowning:


(S68) #5

/me saw it with 5.0


(Goofster) #6


damn, are you gonna send this to bavaria? I think they would like it a lot :smiley:
I must admit, when i was dwnloding it , I thought you dressed up as that guy from the commercial. I was hoping you’d buy as a beer…but “helaas”

(SKPjason) #7

ZYCHO…!!! YAY!!!

Not only is it great seeing you back in the “boards”… your video got me laughing so hard beer shjot from my nose… really… got the coffee table all messy… snots and booze…

That was about the neatest live action/Blender thingie I’ve seen… What a perfect use… (of course being an old Trekker from the 70’s helped me enjoy it more)


:smiley: Jason

(theeth) #8

Hey Zycho! Nice to see you!

It was a bit big to download on a dial-up, but it was well worth the wait!

The effect of the ceiling opening was very neat, and the teleporter beam was great!

Only one part which I think could need some fix is when you see the beam forming on the cieling, there’s some light being emited on all side, but there’s still a strong shadow from the sunlight…

PS: maybe someone could tell us (non-dutch speakers) what you were telling in the flick?

(Zycho) #9


basse: Try downloading the latest codec from divx.com, it’s not big and should decode it (and older divx files) just fine.

Goofster: I’m glad I didn’t dress up like the guy from the commercial - this was WAY more fun to make :slight_smile: And I’ll still buy you a beer if we should meet up some time…

SKPJason: hey you old Trekker, you need a hanky for that?

Theeth: I was wondering wether the ceiling should light up or not. Thinking of it now, there should probably be some blueish ambient light from the beam below. Of course the light source in the ceiling shouldn’t light the ceiling because the source is actually above the ceiling…
The text goes something like this:
other guy: ‘I think the alcohol is starting to wear off’
me: ‘Oh - Beer?’
guy: ‘Yeah, I’d like that, yeah’

  • beamerama-
    me: ‘Cheers mate!’
    The final text reads ‘All good things come from above. Cheers!’

I’m glad to hear you all like the clip, it was really just an experiment to try out compositing with blender and doing some special fx in a compositing package (making the beam and making the beers appear). Anyway, this is the final thing, I wont be adding anything to it anymore. But I’m already working on a ‘real’ replicator ST:TNG style to hang on my wall and order some beer from :slight_smile: