Long time no see...

Well… it’s been a long time since I’ve posted… Elysiun has taken on a whole new look… (I like it)… Blender has grown tremendously, not only the application, but the user base.

I can’t wait to see Elephants Dream… Congratulations to an outstanding team! :slight_smile: Looking at the premiere pictures, you all looked like you had a lot of fun showing it off… (Happy late Birthday Ton…)

I haven’t played with Blender for over 2 years… (don’t stone me yet…!) I have been busy dabbling in the real estate business… and it has been well worth the time… I hope to have nothing but time soon and my Blender trigger finger is itching to get back to it…

Any of you ol’ timers see or heard from Geno… (icEmAn)??? He was living right here in Florida about 2 hours from me back in the day… I’ve emailed him several times, but never got any response.

I’m glad to see you all are still using my Blender Art site, http://centralsource.com/blenderart
I was wondering if I should still keep it up?

I have received a bunch of emails about my Blender BVH files and Reevan’s old BVH Blender script… any of you have an update to this old script that works in 2.4 and up? I will soon update my BVH stuff and finally upload the 200+ BVH files I have…

Well… hopefully soon I will post some new Blender work here and maybe finally get my animation projects done…


Good to see you back. It has indeed been too long.

Glad things are going well for you too. Sounds like the real estate business has been good to you.

I have not been to the centralsource gallery in some time. I actually forgot about it, to be honest with you. So I will get back there and have a look around again. I have a few items I could add there too I think. I would definitely suggest you keep it going though. Great resource for Blender artwork.


Good to see you back!


Good ol’ SysAdm!

Don’t get too used to it :wink: (new design coming soon)

He hasn’t posted here in a really long time. And his site’s no good either.


You should keep it up. It may not be used that much (which is why they invented shameless self-plugs), but sites like that specifically for Blender are not that abundant. And don’t erase the Blender Profiles!

Hey SysAdm, nice to see you around again!