Long TIme Reader First time poster

Wanted to say Hello to the community. I’ve been visiting the site for a while and I’m sure I’ve used a lot of the tips from some you so thanks greatly. Strictly a hobbyist but love the application and always hopeful of a fun and possibly profitable gig. Currently in Iraq so I have a little bit of time here the read more great tutorials and hopefully contribute back.

Welcome to Elysiun.

You a Animator?

Wouldn’t call myself an animator but i have created a few short clips.

welcome! =)

u r in Iraq with the us forces? or r u one of the iraqi ppl urself? coz Iraq is in damn bad situation after the US invasion…

Civilian contractor former Marine here working with US Forces 3d hobbyist.


Happy Thanksgiving dude. I know what it’s like to be overseas and miss eveyone back at home, especially around the holidays. I’m in the US Army National Guard and was deployed to Baghdad for 1.5 years, just came home this past March. Just currious, did you stuble upon Blender while over there? If so, you’re the 2nd person I know that did, the other being Landis Fields.

Anyways, keep safe dude. Just wanted to let you know that even the troops you support are supporting you back.


SPC Brian Hynds

Welcome to elysiun!!!11oneone!!!11

Sorry about being pedantic, but it should be ‘an’ not ‘a’.