Longer Crosshairs possible?

Hi, I just want to change the default cross-hairs to the “box select” cross-hairs that stretch across the window. Is this possible? Or is my answer something like this?

No, that one, the “full pane” cross hair, is drawn by blender itself.

Thanks for the quick reply. Your saying that there is no modification possible?

Googling led to e.g. this Windows software. Don’t know how well it works with blender (as blender is using OpenGL drawing mode), but as it is free you can give it a try. (Hm, another Mike Lin, always good tools from him.)

Edit: No simple modification as mentioned in the other thread. Maybe the Windows “Highlight Mouse Cursor” functionality is something for you?

Hmm, the freeware app is definitely what I need, however a bit choppy on my system.

I can’t find “highlight mouse cursor” under any control settings. Where did you find it?

Thanks for finding these for me :slight_smile:

I have a non-english Windows here.

I thought of the possibility to show the mouse position when pressing CTRL. Roughly “Settings” -> “Mouse properties” -> “Pointer options” -> “Visibility” -> “Show pointer position when pressing CTRL”. It then shows a shrinking circle around the pointer when pressing CTRL. Not the same as the full screen cross hair, so it may not suit your purpose.

Sorry to hear that the app is choppy. That’s what I feared, mixing GDI/DirectX/OpenGL can lead to severe performance losses.