Longing for Breakfast

This is my first finished work I feel is worth posting and it is also my first post!

“Longing for Breakfast” started as an experiment with SSS in Blender and evolved into a breakfast I wish I could have. I am currently in Iraq and I wish I could have a peaceful meal once in a while. I decided I would make my own.

This took about four hours to make and two more to render out using the Blender internal renderer.

This is the first work in my portfolio and I am quite happy with it. Any critiques would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Umm… the only thing I can think of is that the donut looks like expanding foam or something. XD

The crumbs are a nice touch, though.

I think that glass of milk looks awesome, great job there. Ya, the inside of the donut looks funky, but otherwise cool stuff. I hope you get that breakfast mister sir :D.

I must agree with the others, the inside of the donut does look a little strange…not bad, but there is something slightly off…

The glass of milk is fantastic though, I really really like it…

Very very nice for your first finished work…

It’s because it’s too hard, and too yellowy-green. It ought to be orangey-browny-dough coloured. And the texture is - iirc (because sadly, I don’t have a donut in front of me either) made of billions of little air bubbles in the dough - so maybe Voronoi might give you a better effect.

And, like everyone says, the milk rocks.

Looks good, a couple things though.
The texture on the Donuts in the background seems a little too uniform.
Adding some reflection to the wood table would really help.
And making the napkin/paper more crumpled might add some realism.
Keep up the good work!

Your first finished work, really good
if you want tweak it more and post update! :slight_smile:
but good job i think your next post (concept) can go more than this one.

Thank you for the input.

As everyone could tell I had a hard time with the dough. The suggestion to use the voronoi was a great one. I also added a bit of reflection to the table as was also suggested. Thanks again for the crits and I believe the new image will be mora appealing.

… and I didn’t mess with the milk :smiley: