Longing Look

I finally got around compositing this - He was just too pitiable to let him go to seed on my harddrive, so I set him free to the world :wink:

Mudbox (Base Textures)
Substance Painter/Designer (Refining Textures)


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Edit: I updated the color scheme, so it fits the mood better than the violet.

Excellent work! Love the lighting and detail.

Awesome result, I really like the proportions and the texturing. Only one point, the rim light looks maybe a little bit too strong compared to the rest of the scene and especially to the tone of the background. But a great work overall

Wow, I love it - full of character. Top row definitely!

Thanks! @Ride the flow, Yeah, I always go overboard with rim light because I just love how it works. Now that I see it, leaving it all out would have helped the mood, I think. Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile:
I tend to retopo rather early, this is why I end up with very messy geo distortions in the end when I change major proportions and the design.

again much of symbolysm. you making super works

This got accepted as Blendernation header!
Thank y’all for your appreciation :slight_smile:

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This is really good. It just makes me feel sad for him. Is it okay if I write a book about him? Do you think you could give me some of his background info? Do you think I could use his picture as a cover for the book? I know this idea sounds a little far fetched, but I’d really like to work on a character like him. Please reply, and then I can give you my email.