Started this as a learning project for Yafaray (esp. experimenting with HDRi illumination), so it’s nothing too serious… Searched for b****** sword (not sure if I can pass this uncensored :slight_smile: ) on google images and used the… I think 1st one as a reference, however changed the backside of the handle due to problems modelling it (guess a curve mod would’ve done it but whatever :slight_smile: ). Also the blade isn’t exactly correct too :slight_smile:
Otherwise the shape is pretty much complete… The thing on the back is supposed to be a sapphire (only base mesh there, still gotta adjust the material and, maybe, internal geometry). The handle is hard leather. The rest - steel :slight_smile:

C&C welcome… Especially on the materials (they’re awful, I know ^_^). After I finish this I might move on to make plate armour or something but then again time will tell :slight_smile: (judging from my past work I guess the chance to even finish this model is close to non-existant).

Lol, “b****** sword”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know, the handle seems too thin to me. It’s probably just me though.

Definitly the handle is too thin.

You could also try searching for/calling it a hand-and-a-half sword. I’m no sword expert but I’m pretty sure that’s another name for it. I also think that the handle could have some more ‘meat’ on it by making it thicker. Unless you wanted to preserve a rapier kind of finesse look, but I don’t think that fits with a b sword. I like your progress!

The sword has a lot of names indeed :wink: Thanks for that anyways :slight_smile:

As for the handle - you’re all right, I messed up the proportions there big time…
Other updates - mostly materials, also made some internal geometry for the sapphire, however I’ll deff. need to redo it (got an idea for a shortcut, will update in a few minutes if it works). The leather should also be better… Other things - changed the metal to full mirror. It’s experimental but anyways… I guess I’ll have to make a scene to see how it looks (a castle or something I suppose…).
C&C welcome :slight_smile:

P.S. The background ain’t mine. Got it from here: http://www.debevec.org/probes/