Hey this is my new work it looks a bit like my call of duty piece. Bud here it is.


Instead of flaming, ill tell you why i dislike some of it and ideas to improve it. :slight_smile:

Well, not to be mean… :smiley: The wall looks nice to be honest, but i think if your goin to be that far zoomed into the ground, you should probably use a real street texture or somethin(well, the resolution of it just isnt very clear considering how far next to the ground the camera is…), and i dont see whats great about the text… customized font with a mirror. The shadow of the text is solid hard. The shadows can be soft without yafray(i used to think otherwise… lol). Use a spot lamp and tweak the settings in the lamp buttons menu. You need to enable an option and tweak with the shadow settings.

Oh, and the lamp could use a tiny tiny bit more energy. The pic looks a tiny bit dark.

I recommend trying to make the text look like shiny metal though. :smiley: i think that’d be cool imo.

And there’s some extreme stretching going on at the side of the sidewalk (if that makes sense).

Pretty good, Maybe add a area light with 8 samples and put AO on.