Look at the hair! THE HAIR!

Into cvs for the 2.34 release, just look at this:


Watch this video, smile, crap your pants, in whichever order you choose.

:stuck_out_tongue: isn’t that cool!

awesome :smiley:

“it’s gonna blow a hole of this wide… straight into the world of ideas itsself” < beginning of a song by “rise against”… matches!

Crapped my pants first.

This realease, if we get distributed raytracing and sharp SDS (the latter is in CVS right now, but buggy), ramps, the new texturing blending code etc is going to be the most feature packed.

Impressive, very impressive.

Just saw that distributed ray feature. Blurred reflections are a huge step toward photorealism - you can do all kinds of tricks (like a radiosity fake) with it. I agree that this is going to be the most feature-packed release.

I really can’t believe how quickly things like this are showing up.

I’m utterly astonished with the rate of improvement these days. I just can’t keep up anymore.

I have this thing about features not really being useful until their second incarnation (ironing issues out and working out what is actually useful) but the rate of development means you’re not waiting for long before that happens.

Wow… That’s totaly awesome :open_mouth:
It is amazing how fast blender is being developed right now.

Yeah, I saw that in the new feature tests thread. it was awesome… :smiley:

Too bad they can’t be influenced by vortex and force fields.

That’s cool. It’s got some real body to it. If static particles can be affected by gravity then I wonder if they “combed” too as with Fiber Generator.

oh no… someone actually spotted that badly rendered and well hidden anim!

I could just burts in tears :smiley:

Now I just hope some one writes a good tutorial on how to use this wonderfull new feature.

Oh, and @ndy, exelent video.

You are freaking me out man!

man, i cant wait! the blender guide is almost obsolete wit all the new features :smiley:

Maybe not just yet but… Hey we have hair, that’s a start?

That’s a great start :smiley: Now at least we have something to use for hair :smiley:

that’s nice hair even without the animation aspect.
blurred reflections will be great.

Hey we have hair, that’s a start?

okay, dont be too enthusiastic now. it’s basically the same look as before. the new thing atm is only that it reacts to mesh deformation [being recalculated each frame].
but you still make static particles, slap a halo material on them, hit shaded and that’s it.


I am getting hair! I am so happy I could almost smile.

Or maybe not.


Hmmm… now that static particles work for armatures, how about ordinary ones ? :wink: