Look away. Look away

I’ve been teaching myself sculpting in Blender. I thought Neil Patrick Harris’s Count Olaf would be fun practice. I could do more texturing to the skin, but I’m liking the stylized look so far, and I’m ready to move on. Still need to learn re-topology and UV unwrapping. Will try to figure it out on my next project!

Rendered with Eevee.


Very nice dramatic lighting!

excellent tutorials here:

I just started learning sculpt/retopo, my first project was trying to make a body for the blender open movie character Spring. those guys helped me a lot.
also, I love A series of Unfortunate Events, finally a good/great adaptation of a majestic book series.

That lighting! Nice job :+1:

I would like to know how you did the hair and the lips.

Im also trying to learn and have a lot of troube with them.

Thanks! That channel looks like a great resource.

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I made the hair by first sculpting the general shape, using the crease brush and scrape brush a lot to define the edges and planes of the hair clumps. Then I used the beveled curves technique to add more definition and texture.

This video explains how to do hair with curves really well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2XjdzzWCqI

For the lips, the crease, scrape, and inflate brushes were really useful. I found that creasing between the lips to separate them and then using ctrl + crease to pinch the lips outer edges gave a nice definition. Brushing along the form with the scrape brush was helpful to block out the planar shapes.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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