Look Back! Horror Survival game project

This is my new game project about horror survival.


Something like Slender you start in house, there will not be guns only you can do following turn ON/OFF lamp, light in house, take other stuff…There will be about 3 levels.The game will be FREE.

Name of game:
-The name of the game is this because the player will know that is something following him but will he have courage in the middle of night to turn around?

-Me (Programmer-java)
-Need environment artist

PM me if you want to join :slight_smile:

I need 3d model of house and rooms inside it
There will be about 10 house or other area…
I will create in Unity3D cool forest environment where will be about 3 house or 4 house or other area in first level and if somebody can to create only one character(zombie) or I will find somewhere or I will make it xD
After the zombie is done I will start making the game logic(programming) I will credit you for your work and the game will be FREE!
I hope you somebody create one house and texture it for about 2 - 3 days
I don’t have blueprints of house but house will look old.
Something like this:
And inside house something like this:

Somebody want to join my project?

I could try some modelling, the idea sounds realistic and simple… But why would the inside of a house look like a subway station?

Salba4 I literally just asked myself the same question lol