Look for a (Python?) programmer to create 2 Camera Add On's for Blender

Paid Work.

I am looking for someone to build 2 Add Ons for Blender 3.0
(*i have told that someone with Python skills could do this)

  1. Camera Lens Selector
    *to discuss for scope
    a context menu or floating tool bar with pre define camera lens (eg: 20mm / 24mm / 30mm / 35mm / 50mm etc)
    by selecting a command / hot key / tool bar button = changes the camera to that particular lens equivalent

  2. Camera Data Export
    *to discuss for scope
    For each camera in a Collection, export the following into a google sheet or excel sheet

  3. Camera Name

  4. camera Lens value (eg: 35mm / 50mm / 100mm etc)

  5. distance from target

  6. height of camera

  7. target “name”

  8. if animated: eg if the camera is moving or on a motion path, then record distance and height at intervals

  9. *TBD if we could also include a thumbnail of the first position of the camera view (render the first frame of the camera view)

If you have the skills and ideas, love to discuss further!


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