Look for Advice and Solution

I’ve been trying to solve this problem and try a lot solution but none of them work. Please give me some tips or solutionCapture

Here is the Blend Filehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1iDXCVVT0zfAKrk2y_5KbF8CKAoMoBenw/view?usp=sharing

Hello, could you please be more explicit about what’s your problem? (when I open the file it seems to work fine)

when it render the blade lower part have a unnatural lighting

It’s because there’s an object called Cube that you’ve made invisible in the 3D view but visible in Renders, and this object is actually a duplication of your blade with a blank material, so either delete it or make it invisible in Renders as well:


Ohh i see thank you very much, didnt thought about that. THANK YOU !!!