"look in the console for now" ... but the console is empty?

Blender: 2.60a

I don’t quite understand what the message “look in the console for now” means when a Pythin script execution fails in Blender.
Indeed, I switch to the Python Console view, and it’s just displaying the default welcome text – nothing related to my own script execution.

How can I see the error message thrown by my script failure?

EDIT: In the meantime I’ve read that this refers to the Windows console that launches the Blender window… But with Blender 2.60a 64bits there doesn’t seem to be any console. Is there a special launch mode to enable the console?

OK I’ve solved my issue by explicitely running Blender from my very own Windows Command Line (for newbies: In windows, do Start–>cmd.exe)

I hope it’s temporary as the console is difficult to read.

From the menu at top of the blender window. Help / Toggle System Console
You can add a command line to your blender shortcut to automatically start the console visible. Do a search on the forum to find it.

in 2.68a, it is Window / Toggle System Console since Blender is evolving constantly…