Look into the water... Shader Recreation?

I didn’t download the blend file, but I replicated the node setup from piccobello. Forgive the waves, I did them in a few seconds.

I added an HDRI to the world environment. Added a plane below the water (applied a dark green mix diffuse/emission).

Then I placed a few different suzannes at various depths. I think the results are pretty good.

Ok, thanks piccobello :slight_smile:

I’ll try to reproduce your shader ASAP, and maybe mix both shaders to see what it gives :wink:

Sorry if I did not read every post in detail.

But I guess what you need is to use the Ray Lenght (from Agus3D), this way you can get appsorption.
See here: http://agus3d.blogspot.ch/2012/05/blender-cycles-ray-length-node-output.html

I did a Setup see here:
Wasser_test_03_21092012.zip (74.4 KB)

I’m not 100% happy with the result yet.

I’ve asked Agus3D a few times to show me correct setup for shorewater, but he didn’t answer yet :-/

Kind regards

That looks pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

I thought the same :smiley:
I think there is much room for experimenting :wink:

Thanks, we have already tried the absorption-trick. Although it looks great, it has one big minus: It needs thickness.
If you are using the ocean modifier adding even thickness will probably crash your computer :smiley:

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but sometime discussion on certain subject should be follow up to recent software version.

I am trying to adapt this to eevee but i know that rasterizer renderer is not physically accurate but maybe there is a way to fake it for Eevee.

I played a lot with the settings last night but i cannot figure out if it is even possible with eevee.

The main reason i want that feature is to make shallow water transparency around iceberg.

I could easily do it by baking the ocean modifier to mesh and paint a transparency mask but this way i lose animation capability from the ocean modifier and other settings.

I also have another trick that could work but i have to try it later on today.

So if anyone can join the effort to found a solution please share your knowledge with us.

Here a picture of what i am after ;

it’s not ideal, or efficient, but the old-school stacked planes technique kinda works:

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Thanks for bumping as this is exactly what I, too, am working on tonight. I have a bit of a cheat working which I’ll post shortly, but I want to try out the method above.

I am still using this in Cycles though.

So, here is my render. As you can see, my shoreline has some strange black marks around it where the water plane cuts into my land. Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of this, or to smooth it out?

Here is the node setup. I’m using the heightmap for the land as a mask for the transparency falloff.

(Also, if someone can tell me how to put multiple colours in a colour ramp and have them blend randomly with a noise map with only a few nodes, then I’m all ears!)

Hi Sterling,

This seem like exactly what i need and will try it later tonight, you are an invaluable member here with your elegant solutions!

If i can get away with 3 to 4 oceans stack it should not be too bad for performance hit i guess.

The other method i was having in mind was to paint the subsurface scattering mask with shade of blue but i didn’t try it yet.

I also saw that you reply one day ago and i didn’t got any notifications so is there something i have to activate on my profile to see notifications from other member thread?

I think the reason you didn’t get a notification was that I replied to the thread, not to your specific post.

Yes that make sense, thank!

I‘m happy to see this topic is still alive. It‘s been quite a while, so I‘m not too much into this anymore and since I‘m just doing babysteps in Eevee currently i‘m not quite sure how my Cycles shader I‘ve came up with back then there is portable to Eevee at the point of writing. From what I‘ve read so far, the suggested attempt makes sense to me.

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Unfortunately i think that your solution was based on ray depth and a rasteriser renderer don’t have ray depth i think.

The solution i mention for the iceberg particular case with SSS mask painting work nicely so i will post picture soon and the method use.

IMHO, Eevee is not mature enough for these kind of effects…

If ‘The Watch’ is planned to be a game, there are some tricks you could use by rendering some offscreen textures and OpenGL code. For other stuff (animation/stills), perhaps is better to mix Eevee with Cycles (or some other raytraced engine).
I miss quite some (very important) features from Blender Internal… Perhaps one of the reasons that I still work in 2.79, while I only have the master for developing reasons.

I also hope that Eevee gets some ray depth/info into the pipeline (even if just in screen space). For now there’s plenty of stuff needed for composing that’s still not available in Eevee; and since it’s a brand new engine, I believe near future work will be more focused in fixing some nasty performance bottlenecks, than to add new features.

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Hi Secrop,

The watch is simply a project that i want to achieve strictly under Eevee for demonstration purpose and also the challenge it provide.

That’s why i don’t want to use Cycles and the watch is not for a game simply practice to get up to speed with blender various area.

I also wish Eevee would get some sort of depth ray even if it’s fake since for now it is one of the biggest limitation for a lot of effects.

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Well… if it’s a matter of challenging current Eevee, you’re down to the ‘old method’ of hacking. Different cameras for diferent purposes, creating fake enviroment textures and masks, lots of compositing… like people would do back in 3dStudio 2.0 times.
It’s more of a challange to you than it is to Eevee (atm at least), but I confess that I admire that will. :wink:

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It’s not as bad as i would have thought first since the only big issue i was having was the depth of object in water and the workaround was even simpler than i initially thought with an sss mask.

The other was controlling underwater volume murkiness for z and y axis and it was easily achieve with gradient and separate xyz node.

I am almost finish with all the require shaders and i will need to finish the scene and do the tutorials.

Here a very early test of painting an sss mask to get depth illusion around iceberg and i think it’s going to be a valid solution for doing it with Eevee.

This looks like a solution that‘s going pretty much into the right direction, but for more realistic results, add some greenish/cyanish mix nodes that simulate the algae factor as seen in the screenshot posted by @polynut