Look no lights

Its been a while since I posted any pics, but I thought some of you might like to see my latest model. Its wip, but I couldent resist a few test renders last night.


The first two are only vertex shaded, No lights.I yoused layer lights on Red for the arrows. No to finish the model, add materials, smoke, animate

Please tell me what you think.

Cheers, Bogey.

Absolutly stunning! You did a very nice job modeling them. I like how you used vertex shading instead of lamps. It adds a hand drawn feeling to the images. The textures are amazing on the planes, especially on the fighter jets. There must be someone awfully important on that plane for it to be gaurded by so many jets. I’d suggest a bit of work on the sky for the second and third picture. I’d love to see the plane landing on a runway. You forgot to put a second slash after http: and the pictures can’t be directly liked to. You might want to edit your post and change that.


excelent stuff

love the concord, absolutly stunning

only problem is it looks too clean artoudn tnhe ladning gerar, but i think yo uwere going for artsy, not photreal

awsome stuff man

Sorry about the bad links, i’m not sure how to edit the orional post, but Im glad you sussed it out. Thanks for your comments. As you said, I was not going for photo real, and these are just wip test renders. Before I got into cg stuff I tried water colour painting with limited results and the brightness you get using vcol light reminds me of that sort of painting. I wish I had tried it sooner. The hawk jets are totally uv mapped though so I had to use layer only lights on those.
PS The hawk jet is a model i was going to use in a new game Ive been working on but Ive had it flying round in V1 with the Tempest to test it. There is a proper sky globe and new sea texture and a few extra sceene objects. I was going to post it on blendermania before christmas just as the site went down, so if any one wants to try it out I will tidy it up and post it at the weeked sometime.

Cheers Bogey


If I have got this right heres the hawk.

Nice models. At first when I looked at your images, I thought that the lighting led to poor shading of the models, which took away from the depth and contrast of the pictures. Upon reading your comments, though, I took another look and saw what you were shooting for. Nice job.