Look what came into my house last night!


Thats pretty good. I like the style. It might be cool to have it hold a chunk of your flesh and toss its head up and swallow it like in Jurassic park.

your such a f**kn’ nerd dude, that’s tight!!!

ouch! are you ok?
looks dangerous.


Man laniru, you had a light saber and he still kicked your butt! Sad.
JK :smiley:

The clip is pretty good over all but these’s one part where the dinoaur appears to loose traction on the floor and his feet slide a bit. The lighting
is a good match, and the light saber looks good (lying there usless on the floor as you get eaten).

broken link

hehehe nice. i tried to get to it yesterday, and it was broken, so it’s probably a bandwidth issue. glad i got it before the bandwidth ran out!

can’t see the pic: please don’t use geocities etc…

I can see it just fine

Thanks for the comments and sorry about the geocities…

Did anyone see the dino’s shadow on the wall? That’s my favorite part.

wow, fantastic, thanx for sharing…yep I saw the shadow

Hehe…this sorta stuff always puts a smile on my face. Nice work man. Love the beard. The dino is good too of course.

Yea really good, finally got to see it :smiley: :smiley: :o


That’s awesome!

Where are you from? You have one of “those” accents, like you might be from Oklahoma too. :slight_smile:

I wish, people wouldn’t host on geocities… :-?

lol, thats cool.

how did you get the light from the lightsaber to “stick” to whatever you were holding in your hand???


awesommmeee :smiley: really kewl dude!

oh wow, is see nothing. time for using a better webspace.

i think he just moved on, and deleted the site…

it isn´t a pic, it´s a film !

great work :smiley: ! it´s really cool :slight_smile: , how did you do the lightsaber ?