Look What I Found!!

Some of you may remember this one:


I thought I had lost this blend file. But I found it on the weekend on my home comp, buried in an obscure folder, while cleaning up some files.

Well, back to work on him!


Wow, that’s coool 8)

I can’t see it, broken picture?

Reblended.com goes in and some times. Just try back later.


what are you going to do with it?

he’s back! wohoo!

still dont like the feet though :smiley:

hahaha, top notch man, cant wait to see some more work on this guy…

that is so cool… how long did it take you to do that?
When did you do that?

Looks sorta like an anorexic with elephantiasis in the leg area…

I love the spine on this guy…the slouch is so human looking that its scary. It looks like those arms are coming along nicely…great judgement on where you put detail and where you don’t. I love the feet and eyes as well. Do you have plans for the type of texturing you’re going to do? I believe a toon shaded version would look fantastic, but it would destory a lot of the detail you seem to have worked hard to put into the model. Maybe he could have a nice blender logo on his chest :wink:

Well, obviously its a wonderful peice. Glad to see you found it! Any plans to expand on it?

please? :wink:


Thanks all!


LMAO! Yeah, think I will change thebfeet this time.

Time wise, not sure. On and off over a couple of days I think. As for when, I think it was almost a year ago. 8-12 months ago.

I agree about your toon shading comment. It will loose some of the details. I think I may do 2 versions. One all clean and new and another with dirtied up and rusted metal. Maybe a blender logo somewhere. %|

Of course. I wouldn’t have dug it back up if I wasn’t gonna do something with him!

No update today. I will be at a jobsite most of the day for work.


Truly beautiful!