look what i've found!

an old work i did about a year ago. Just stubled through the blend file, thought i should render it…so here it is…crits/comments??

that astronaut is huge

all of the seperate parts look good IMO… but the way their put together i dont like that much

For starts, there is a lot of smooth subdivision, but no creases anywhere. I’d like to see some detail creased into, for example, the antenna. Also, the astronaut suit (what can be seen of it) is all one color.

I think the concept has potential.

great concept! I can totally steal this idea!

@watchthis: thnx, do it! prolly put an alien in a space suit instead of the current astronaut…that should llok great! i would have done that but i am not too good with charachter modelling :frowning: