looking 4 teeth tut!

Hi, could anyone tell me if there is a teeth tut anywhere, I searched blender.org and nothing.and one more thing, is there a easier way to model the human eye other than the one called "pixar eye modelling"which I found at this location:


thanks all

Eyes can be anything. Maybe a painted sphere. Maybe a cartoon-eye. It depends on how closely the eye will be studied and how important it will be to the effectiveness of the film.

In Pixar’s films, eye-quality is extremely important. The eyes are usually disproportionately-large, in typical animated-cartoon fashion, and they carry the actor’s personality, which in turn carries their films. Those eyes are going to carry the whole gosh-darn movie, and do it on a huge screen. Maybe yours… won’t.

In your film, select the method(s) that are appropriate for you. You can certainly shoot the scenes with simplified eyes and go back and upgrade them later on a selected number of shots where you judge it necessary. You can even “do it in post” with compositing if that would avoid a complete re-render.