looking advice for a 2D strategy game

i want to do this 2D strategy game but i dont know were 2 start i do have the units models so i can draw them also i have the stage in mind but i dont know how to use logic bricks (i do know the function of the sensors actuators and controlers but idk how to use them to create a game just simple movement) i also dont know python just the very basics so wath i would have is a liveless stage so any advice or help would be apreciated

If you don’t know much about using logic bricks or Python, making a strategy game, which is arguably a very complex genre, is probably not the best place for you to start as a beginner. I recommend you start with something simple like pong or a basic platformer to help teach you the basics of using logic bricks and Python. Then you can start considering taking on more challenging projects.

“Strategy” is a pretty broad concept.
You should start by determining what kind of game you want to make. Don’t worry about how you’re going to make it, because you’re not going to be able to. Not yet.

Here is my suggestion: Checkers

Checkers is a strategy game. A very simple strategy game. Easy to make in the Blender environment – a discrete, one-screen game world, a minimal amount of required assets, and a simple set of rules which are already determined for you.

Once you can make Checkers, make Battle Checkers. Replace the regular game pieces with the unit models you mention, and have them fight each other on the checkerboard. You’re taking your previous, simple game, and building on it. Adding thin new layer of complexity. Use this to learn the specifics of things like animation, timing, and presentation.

Now, instead of the simple generic rules of Checkers, start swapping them out for more complex, dynamic rules. Instead of only one type of unit, have two types of units. Once you can handle two, you can handle two hundred.

This is how you build games. Well, one way at least.

If you were to go back in time and peek in at Peter “I no longer care if I get his name spelled right” Molynoux’s computer during the first phase of development on Populous, you would probably see something that resembled Checkers.

something to you started

mouse over any (property)-------python
mouse left click-----------------------/

is almost certainly needed

here is the basics for selecting a single object

import bge

cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()

own = cont.owner

MOA = cont.sensors['MouseOverAny']

Click = cont.sensors['Click']

if MOA.positive and Click.positive:
    own['Selected'] = MOA.hitObject

this is the logic to a game object as a property, Selected
you have to name the sensors as well


what you mean?

something as move more soldiers? (forget it)
or something as find resources?

if is the second you can do something also with bricks

we say you had a goldfinder that go from a goldmine to a goldfactory.(two states)
each time touch the goldmine change state and go to goldfactory,
when the goldfactory touch the goldfinder add “gold” +1
and the goldfinder change state to go to goldmine.
when the goldfactory come to gold > 10 , can spawn a big piece of gold (and reset “gold” at 0)

not very funny, but the concept is this , then you can add another kind of object that go to grab the big piece of gold
and go to shell it.
add other objects until to have a “cycle”. (so in somehow also the gold must return back)

ie: i not totally sure if is doable with only bricks, anyway if require code are really few lines .

personally much more than this i’m not able to do .

So you have the assets but no behavior. Unfortunately it is still a long road to go. I suggest to think about what you want from the game (the behavior). Then break it down to smaller steps. E.g. how the player can interact with the game, what a single unit should do, what menus you want …

when clicking on an own unit this unit gets selected (previous selected units get deselected)
when clicking on an other unit the selected unit should interact with the clicked one
when clicking on terrain, the selected unit should move towards that point.

i guess this kind of game are hard also because you are “forced” to centralize a lot.
since tend to be extremely CPU wasting.

ie: who say to the “worker” that there one resource to move from A to B?
if the worker (and each worker) do it alone looping all scene, the CPU burn

yeah, I have 1 unit give orders, or apply forces etc, every x frames,
this is how I get the most units in a scene with good behavior witout a bog down,