LOOKING BACK: Important/fun/critical moments or events you remember of this forum

I’m meaning, take a look back at this forum’s history and tell what moments or events you thought were fun/critical/important/infamous ect…

I bet we’d all know of the big moment when the board software was changed to Vbulletin.

You got b&

Yeah, and when Cubefan got b&.

Seems my memories revolve around such incidents, even though I was only lurking when Cubefan got the boot.

Bannings stick in the mind, especially when you can see them coming…


When I posted in OT…

When I posted in FP…

When I posted…

When BWAARG got locked… 5 times…


Only 5?

I thought it was locked for a day at the end of every page for more than five pages… nasty Theethses, they wants it they does… our preeeecccciooouusss BWRRRAAARRGG!!!


If you’re wondering what I had to offer to forum history.

–When I got banned as Kansas_15
–When I got unbanned.
–When I started the ‘do you love god’ and the ‘why not believe in god’ religious superthreads
–When I got Banned again
–When I came back on as Icoxo ( though no one knew)
–When I said I was Kansas_15
–When I changed my name to Cyborg_Dragon

You guys really need to get out more. It’s a forum! Is this the ultimate geekitude or what?

Shut up unless you have something useful to contribute.

10/10/06 - ValarKing puts a noob in his place after the noob disses everyone because he hasn’t been around for very long and doesn’t know shit.

When ValarKing Pwned Orinoco.

when VBulliten came… and… uhm, when I joined… that’s about it… (well, my joining was memorable to me, at least…)

My memory is fuzzy on that… it was a while ago. Though it wasnt more than 10.

What really stinks is that any other BWARG like threads get locked…

EDIT: Oh yea, anyone remember the day The Unknown Building died?

I remember this one time, at band camp…

oh wait, that was someone else.

I remember the Ecks and Alltaken battle thread, witht he Vikings and old lady gangstas.

Blue Team

Red Team

And how Wu’s team had to carry a message in their sigs saying they’re a loser till the end of the month. (I think it was Wu’s team)

Ah… Good times! :slight_smile:


I nearly died! And you are HAPPY!

Not really.

Yea, I remember the Ecks and Alltaken battle…

Says the man who… Ah… Crap. You have a clean, healthy life from what I can tell. Damnit.

What ever happened to skontar/Timonides.

I miss him. :frowning:

I remember the time when we were, like, looking back into the black void of nothingness and Sammy Teagle dared me to spit into infinity, and I said, “What will you pay me,” and he said, “Salami,” and I pushed him into oblivion. That was great.

Heh I remember a fiasco of a thread with valarking and other ppl that I’ve started. at least I’ve learned my lesson of not taking ppl too seriously here thanks to Valarking.