Looking for 2-4 Modelers Experienced in Vehicle or Structure design.

We have a small design team here consisting of a Writer, an Artist, a Sound Producer, Three Coders, and the man in charge of Advertising. Naturally, that leaves us EXTREMELY shorthanded as we begin to ramp up production on the game, having sorted out the basic premises. So, in flux we’ve begun looking for 3d modelers with experience in Making Vehicles or large Structures such as compounds. We aren’t looking for anybody who’s taken on such jobs before, just somebody who’s dabbled. Alongside these assets, experience with a pencil and music composition will go a long way towards working with us. There is no prior training needed here, just an example that you have a sense of quality.

The group is working in (obviously) Blender and we’ve settled on Unity3D as a test engine until we get things rolling. All coding will be done in Bullet, and details on the project will be provided upon request via contact.

Contact details for the group will work through me, Kiru, through Skype. The group organizes mostly in Skype, so it’s relatively expected that you can be on often and able to work with a group.

Skype name is: kirucookie, and will respond through contact requests.