Looking For 2 Teams for 2 New Games

Hello Everyone, my name is Terran Thomas, I am a beginner concept artist, a somewhat new but skilled story writer (in my opinion anyway). I am looking for 2 separate teams to help with 2 separate games.

  • A Multi Genre/Sub-Genre Action Shooter, influenced by the God Eater, Sin & Punishment, and to some level, Kid Icarus: Uprising. The game will be a mixture of Third Person Action, Shooter and RPG elements.
  • A Medieval Roguelike, Hack & Slash RPG influenced by the Dark Souls Series. The game will feature multiple unique playable characters with their own weapons and abilities, and a unique battle system.

Both games will be unique story/character driven experiences with a several new gameplay additions and overall gameplay ideas that I believe haven’t been done before.

For the Shooter: 2D and 3D Set Designers, Level Designers, Animators, Character Designers, Prop Designers, Texture Artists, Character and Level Concept Artists, Storyboard Artists and/or any combination of the mentioned.

For the Rougelike: 2D Set Designers, Animators, Character Designers, Texture Artists, Level Concept Artists, Storyboard Artists and/or any combination of the mentioned.

Currently, both games are in the concept phase, however I am looking to have a prototype for both done within a month or 2. These games are the start of a company that I have been working towards for some time now and I am looking for people who are serious about making games. That said, I believe these games will be new, fun and exciting for the players and for us as a team. I am looking to start as soon as possible and am excited about collaborating and creating something that will showcase our collective talents.

There are a few things I can’t show, but for now here’s a link to a few, (not all) finished and unfinished of the concepts I’ve done so far.

If you are interested, please reply to this post, private message me or contact me at
[email protected] or through Skype at terran.thomas

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