Looking for 3 angle virtual set for interviews

I am working for a small music studio. We are looking for a virtual set, maybe talk show style (open to other ideas) that would be used primarily for artist interviews. Artist talking about their music, intentions, bio etc. In my mind this would be a daytime talk show type setup (no desks or furniture needed as part of the virtual set.). The 3 angles would be #1 Interviewer and artist together, #2 interviewer close up, and #3 artist close up. I am also open to other ideas for this format. The overall feel should be music recording industry themed. The interviews will be used as part of the artist bios and hosted on the internet. Please send me information on pricing estimates, and examples of your work. Thank you in advance!

Can you give some further information about what you need?:
Do you want it as realistic as possible or abstract?
Do you only need the modells with materials to render it yourself or do you need finished renderings?

So far I’m very interested, but till now I don’t get an exact Idea of what I’d have to do…

In the past year I had a job working for a small media department, and did about 6 of these backdrops. Do you have anymore information? Thank you. :slight_smile: If you are interested in hiring me, please PM me, and I will send you my email.