Looking for 3 Modelers

I figured I would come here, since this is a very active forum.

Hazmat Studios is looking for 3 modelers to work on our new FPS. The engine is already in heavy development, so we need modelers now. I request samples, since this is going to be a very high quality game. Once the game is complete, I am willing to give you 4-8% of the profits, depending on quality of work. We are not some flyby group, we deliver. We currently have over $1,500 USD to go towards the project.

So, if you are intereted, please contact me at the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

I know that you’re site is “to be up” soon, but it’d prolly be wise to wait untill it is actually up to post something like this.

The reason for this is because there are quite a few “flyby” groups that come through here looking for modelers, developers…whatever.

The point here is that it’s always best to show some work before asking for help. At least that tends to be the way things roll around here.

Please understand that I don’t want to offend you or anything like that. I just wanted to let you know that you’re probably not going to have a whole lot of luck unless you have something solid to show people.

Best of luck!

“Once the game is complete, I am willing to give you 4-8% of the profits”

Yeah that sounds about right.

Can we see some of your professional delivered samples?

That is not enough to pay for a good profesional graphics work station. Making a game takes time, passion, and if asking for other people to do the work money.

I am not trying to make anyone mad. I am not yet a good modeler so would not normally respond to requests for services, but if you are trying to tell people you are serious about the project you are going to need at least one more zero, and it has to be there honestly. You need financial backers right now. Unfortunatly that is not me either all the money I have is the change in the cusions of my couch.

Believe me when I say we do appreciate that you did not add zeros you do not have. Most everyone here believes honesty is the best policy I am sure.

Hi HazmatStudios,

Sounds interesting, what’s the brief like? What type of genre is it? Sounds like a big job, you’ll need a few modelers to make it work. What’s the time frame like? Have you got character drawings and storyboards done yet?

You do realize, the way you structured this deal, the Blender Artists will still own copyright over the work involved. Unless you pay them by the hour. But it’s up to you. :smiley:

There is not a single sentence in the first post that does not match the MMPORGism criteria. Ok, except it’s an FPS.

All future employers, you can copy, paste and modify this into your posts (may save some of your valuable time):

We are a top quality game development studio. One major company is interested in our game, but we can’t give away details yet.
The engine is in heavy development, we are now looking for modelers, texturing artists, animators, coders, composers, script writers etc to join our team.
We are not amateurs, we deliver only top quality, which is what we expect from you.
Once the game is finished, we can can pay you, but not yet.
See details on our homepage, which is online soon.

thank you nico i was about to say just that