Looking for 3 or4 blender specialists to work with a project


Im hoping that this would qualify as the best forum to post this in, and my apologies if it isnt. I looked but did not really see any forum being better or more on-topic.

A company has been formed to create a new commercial game. Blender has been chosen as the modeller to use with the project, but we have had a hard time finding blender artists.

The company is looking for people to work with a team of developers to create artwork for, what we feel, has potential to be a pretty excellent game. The game has a publisher lined up for the Linux market and that publisher will excercise their contacts in the Windows market to provide worldwide publishing of the game for the Windows platform.

As a startup self-funded company, there is no cash to pay full time artists. We are offering a profit share of 100% of the game profits to be split between the artists and the developers and the musicians. Also a stock share of 90% of the company split between those people.

If the game does well, well an average commercial game can easilly sell 2 million copies, which will be a LOT of money in the end. If it does badly, it will yeild less money. I wont try and tell anyone it is a guarenteed success, nothing is, but the game concept is sound and the development team is good. The end goal is that after this first project is complete, the company will be self-sustaining and jobs will be able to be offered for people who participated in this project. We look on this as a way into the gaming industry for those that are interested, or a possibility to do some fun stuff for a medium duration project and walk away with some cash in pocket at the end (hopefully a lot of cash) for those that do not wish to work in the gaming industry beyond this one project.

We would like people to be able to commit 10 hours a week to the project, as there is a fair amount of work to be done. Obviously some weeks people will not be able to contribute as much, other weeks people can contribute more. That is fine.

An overview of the requirements:

We cannot give away the idea of the game, it IS that good, and we need to keep it under wraps. However I can overview the projects requirements.

Humans: Humans to walk, run, swim, crawl, sit, and also move in zero gravity. Animated humans with good skeletal structures. Perfroming various tasks will be needed.

Animals: 4 legged such as dogs and cats, aquatic such as fish and squids, all need to be animated realistically. No solid plans for flying animals but that may change.

Vehicles: Cars, helicopters, rockets, planes, boats, with appropriate moving parts

Environment: Outdoor, such as trees, plants and sky, indoor corridors, rooms, furnishings. Swinging doors inside, trees blow in wind outside.

Equipment: Modern day equipment items from various places. Equipment will need to have moving parts for larger items.

Theme: Realistic modelling. High quality texturing. High polygon count.

Please note: I am NOT an artist (as probably comes clear in this posting). I may have used some incorrect terms, my apologies.

If you are interested, please email [email protected] or [email protected] and we can discuss this further. Please include some link to an example of your 3D work either as blender files or as a snapshot on a webpage. Please include a quick rundown of how comfortable you would feel on each of the categories I listed above, so we can ensure we get people that are happy working with each of the sections, instead of everyone keen to work on 4 legged animals but nobody wants to work on vehicles {:slight_smile:

I appreciate the time people have taken if they have gotten this far. Please do email that address if you have any thoughts or questions.

no offence, but it might be hard for you to find people in the community that would be willing to commit to a project which they really know nothing about…even if it did have the pottential to yeild money…theres alot of big blender game projects being worked on right now, that alot of people are caught up in…projects maybe even big as yours, or bigger…it does sound intresting tho :slight_smile: , im not joining because im one of those guys caught up in a big project :wink: , but anyways, youde probably have better chance finding experienced game modelers/texturers/animaters in the “real-time engine” forums…good luck on your project! cant wait to see it! :smiley:

TUDBZD69 over and out!! [>] [>] [>]

ok one question come to my head…how many would you pay me? :stuck_out_tongue:

cause I’m trying to find a job in 3d…so…well you understand :wink:

Yes, I can appreciate that, I wish we could give more information out but, it is a new idea and Ive worked in the industry long enough to be careful with ideas {:slight_smile:

Thanks for the pointer for the other forums that may be appropriate, but I think I’ll just leave it as it is for now, I dont want to start spamming forums, I hate it when other people do that…

The Realtime forum is better, yes.

Maybe even the Elysiun Chat, since it is a ‘call for people’

I’ll move it.


Unfortunately msimms, most commercial games that have millions of dollars for a budget do not sell ANYWHERE NEAR two million copies! I don’t have any solid numbers but I many games only sell 100,000 copies or less.

Do you have any experienced game developers on your staff? Can we see an example of your engine technology? What pipeline do you have for artists to get their work into the engine?

10 hours a week is alot. people who want to do this shouldnt be in for the money. they should do it because they like this kind of stuff, is commited and it will bring some sort of “fame” to you.

yea… i know your going to use blender for creating artwork but what kind of game engine do u guys plan to use? cuz i dont think blenders game engine is “adequte” for commercial use. sorry to all those loyal blender fans… but thats just my opinion. i hear a “Torque” engine is pretty good
costs like $100 and was used to make Tribes 2. I’m not sure if they have radiosity settings though

i dont think blenders game engine is “adequte” for commercial use.

you can make a pretty complex game with blender that is almost entirely programmed with logic bricks…you just have to think your way through things, and work hard…for example…crecent dawn, project theeta/delta, vertigo(my baby! :stuck_out_tongue: ), theres alot of people out there trying to make games with blender that are commercial quality. you might not think its “adequte”, but alot of blender game pioneers out there do…it could be better though :wink:

10 hours a week is alot

no its not…i plan to work 8 hours a day on vertigo in the summer! :slight_smile: (4 days a week, thats 32 hours!)

If you’re looking for modelers you won’t find many in the realtime forum. Elysiun Chat would be a much better place for it.

The Torque engine is just a game engine, it doesn’t have modeling and animation stuff, just the engine. It is a pretty good one though.


I know that this does not really relate to your question but…
I am starting a small game company myself with another individual (wiseman303). Starting is not really the right term though. We have been working together for about 1 to 2 years now and have assembled a stellar team of talented individuals (who give up alot of their time to work on games that may not make any money). Basically i wanted to ask how someone would about starting a game company (legaly). Any tips are welcome.

Hi msimms!! (i think it´s msimms…)

When i have time (someday, but not in the following months, sorry) i would LOVE to make vehicles, animals, humans, props etc… But i´m not promising that i have time. I also need to see your work first before “signing” the contract.

I work at a game developer company (www.humansoft.com), and we work on a multiplatform adventure game (ps2, pc). I work with Blender, and we convert my works to 3DS MAX. (I made the levels.) The project is secret, so I can’t tell more.

I work in the game industry about 3 years. I think, if you can sell 100.000 of your game, you will be very happy. But if the idea is VERY GOOD, maybe you can make more better buys.

But if you can pay, I am interesting about you project. I have low cost :), I live in Hungary, so my cost is east-european… :slight_smile:

Before anyone dismisses this post as just another “team collaboration” doomed to fail for lack of leadership and interests, you should know that angry pixels (www.angry-pixels.com) is very legit. The parent should have posted more info on the new company.

Angry pixels has the full backing of one of the linux games websites (i can’t remember which one right now) and plans on publishing the game at completion. Yes, the game is almost guarenteed to be published at completion. The development team was chosen from many qualified applicants and have just recently had their logo contest.

They have garnered a lot of attention from the linux community including posts on Slashdot and other game websites.

Sorry I don’t have any links offhand but if you search on Google and Slashdot for Angry Pixels, you will see that this project is one worth following and being involved in. (I just wish I had the time to do it.)

I know that others are involved in other more personal projects, but this has the potential of being something special. Angry Pixels already has the backing and the publicity, now they just need to deliver.

Hi msimms,

I was really interested in being part of your game project and have sent you a private mail yesterday as soon as I read your post (too late unfortunately).

I’ve attached some piece of artwork I’ve made with Blender and I hope my skills level is up to the one you require.

I 'm eager to hear from you and I hope your team recruitment is not closed yet.



Is it real time or Myst-esque?