Looking for 3D animator and 2D artist

A small team consisting of a lead programmer, a lead sound designer, a 3D artist (for modelling), a game designer and a writer is currently looking for a 3D animator and a 2D artist.

As of now the work is 100% voluntary but it is planned to get funded later on.

The workflow is SCRUM-based with sprints of a length of 3 weeks.
For communication you will need skype. There are mandatory meetings once a week on preset times.
3D animator:
> Your task would be to animate animals
> It would be awesome if you could help the 3D artist to model the planned assets but this is not necessairy

2D artist:
> Your task would be to create the concept art for the asset creation
> It would be awesome if you can draw terrain and animals which live in the forest, as those will be the main motives
> It would also be awesome if you could create seamless textures to use for the models

If you are interested in working with us, please send me a private message.