Looking for 3D animator

3D animator position
We are currently looking for a 3D animator for an MVP and possibly for a long-term, core team member.
RIG from scratch
RIG for Unreal mannequin
RIG faces
Animate morph targets
Knowing Unreal Engine animation blueprint, animation montage, IQ foot.
(will present a great advantage)
I’m building a team for a new project in development, an Open-World RPG.
We are already 15 team members in the team, having this position: 2D artist,3D artist(modeler), voice acting, localization, digital concept artist, PR(marketing), a full stack developer in the unreal engine also a VFX lead, still me, and an audio services who will make the music.

This is a volunteer job with a contract on a “work-for-hire” basis, with the term that I will hire you when the project will get funding.

Discord: gacrivastudio#9767

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