Looking for 3D Anime Artist Character for JRPG Fantasy simulation game

Please make sure that you can make model in anime style
because If not it will waste time not one but both of us

Now we make a PC game and Life+Farming simulation game. Harvest Moon and Rune Factory , the game will be quite big.Now our 3d artist she is very busy so i’m must find more 3d artist to help her make character in game

please make sure you read all before you send your portfolioto us

Looking for 3D Artist
1 Can make model in anime style like : Seven Knights game character

2 We just need to model without rig

3 have a portfolio of Anime 3D Modeler

4 We’re just small indie game project so the Price would be between 100-150$ per character that we can give you

and friendly easy working with others willing to use Skype for communication with team 

All about game and concept art update

please E-mail me if you’re interested

we can talk more detail in [email protected]

I have sent you a PM and an email you with our work sample please take a look.