Looking for 3D architecture builder / sci-fi game environment

[Solved! Thank you to all who responded.]

We’re looking for a level designer/environment artist to provide and place textured models within a cyberpunk city. We have a 256x256 metre playable area, which we’re looking to fill with a city. The city will be layered, such that an upper class, well-kept futuristic city is on top and a slum area exists underneath. While our interest is mainly in buildings and roadways, we’re also keen to look at key props for our main locations.

Our game is built within the virtual world Second Life and as the assets need to be uploaded to this third party, the artist would need to be familiar and comfortable with their terms of service, particularly regarding intellectual property rights: http://www.lindenlab.com/tos

SecondLife places endless oceans outside of the playable area and we would like the build to obscure these. Limited space outside the limits of the playable area is available to place background objects.

While many of the buildings will be exterior geometry only and will not be explorable by players, we are looking to have eight buildings with interiors included, so we need an artist who can fit functional interiors into a limited space as we’re not looking to split interiors out. These buildings with included interiors are: a police department, a hospital, a television studio/news network, two large skyscrapers with office space, a bank and a nightclub.

We’re seeking a non-exclusive right to use of the builds either in Collada format or uploaded by the artist into SecondLife and provided to us with SecondLife “modify”, “copy” and “transfer” permissions, along with reference images to aid in our placing these once they are within SecondLife.

Please reply by email with image references detailing your art style and an estimate of cost. We’ll be looking for a full quote once we hash out exactly what we’re looking to buy.