Looking for 3D Artist / Animator to help with game development.

I am looking for a 3D modeler / animator to help with the development of an upcoming game, Planet Hop.


Planet Hop is an upcoming 3D-Platformer Collect-a-thon with a retro 90’s aesthetic. The game will see the player explore through a variety of futuristic worlds that are all interconnected with each other. The player will be able to use power ups that they find to completely transform their abilities in order to collect enough items to progress through the game. At the moment, the game in very early on in the development, however the most of the basic gameplay elements are functional in the game, and I am now looking to create a team to continue forward with the development.
For more information on the project, visit Planethopdev.wordpress.com

As the 3D Modeler, you will be responsible for taking concept art and turning that into a 3D model to be used in game. You will also have to animate some of these models, such as characters, and possible create low res (32 x 32 or lower) textures to be used with these models.
This is an unpaid role, however there is a possibility of some sort of payment(such as profit share), if this product generates a profit.


Send examples of previous work and a few sentences on why you want to join the team to ‘[email protected]