Looking for 3D artist for adult 3D game

Hello 3D artists,

We are looking for 3D artists familiar with modelling in Maya Autodesk 2009.
The modelling work is paid work.

The game is an adult 3d game. Most of modelling work however will not be of adult nature. So if you prefer to only model non-adult elements that is fine. However if you do not object to modelling adult elements as well that is of course a plus.

Most of the work will be to model objects and scenes that are needed for the game play. These scenes can for example be: A swimming pool, a fitness centre, etc…

I have attached a few images of an existing scenes as an example:

The .Maya scenes can be viewed in the game engine after they have been converted. This means you also have to make the scenes suitable to be used in the game.

You do not have to model all objects yourself. Buying them and altering them to speed up the process is also part of the job.

This are the qualifications we are looking for:

  • You are very capable of working with Maya Autodesk 2009.
  • You can work on project basis: You can make your own creative decisions but the scenes/objects have to be of certain quality and conform specifications needed for the game.
  • You like modelling for (adult) games and are willing to learn how the scenes can be made suitable to the game engine.
  • The work is not on location (So you have to have your own PC with Maya running on it).

If you are interested, please contact me at:

email: asimo(AT)xmoonproductions(DOT)com

A portfolio and a description of your capabilities are recommended.

damn sounds like fun, pity i don’t have Maya. :frowning:

why do you guys need it to be modelled in maya? Blender has better suited tools for organic modelling. You can export it as an fbx or an obj to maya, then zero out transformations (blender’s exporter that reorients the objects contaminates the channel box with its crappy offset values) and recalculate normals if need be.

Why do you search for Maya Users in a Blender Forum?

Because some of us also use Maya :eyebrowlift:

We use Maya as game editor hence the requirement.

(* Some Blender artists also use Maya and visa versa)

Fair enough but have you considered that blender can export to maya without data loss?
Also how much would the project pay, I may or may not be interested in this project.

We use Maya for game project.
You can see our works here:http://game-silkroad.com/game_en/case.html
Or contact for more details through the email:[email protected]