Looking for 3D Artist for model

Hello! I am looking for a blender artist to make a simple 3D model based off some reference images. I do not need anyone over qualified for this, as it is fairly simple. This needs to be able to articulate up and down as shown in the reference images. Needs to be functioning for use in zModeler. A designer with past experiences in the GTA V modding scene would be a plus. Experience in zModeler and/or basic knowledge of it’s feature would be a plus (worse case scenario, can answer questions). Also need to have a wire running from the wire connected to the base of the rotating part of the arrow.

I do not have a deadline, though with a fast and speedy delivery I am ready to pay some more. The budget will need to be discussed in private and will be impacted by previous work / portfolio.

Some more info;

This is a traffic adviser / arrowboard used by most public safety agencies in Québec, Canada. It can lift up to 90 degrees and is used to make traffic diverge to another lane. This will be used for some Québec based police vehicles for Grand Theft Auto V. Will be mounted to the vehicles through zModeler 3

Reference Images (Those with the lightbar are just for reference. No lightbar needed):

Arrow + Mount

Arrow Top

Mount Behind Profile

Mount Perspective

Mount Side Right

Mount top

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Have you yet found an artist to cover this? If not, I’m interested in negotiation.

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Hey there, I dm’ed this guy already, but no reply, lets see who is the lucky one among us two who will get the job


Well, these things happen.


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